New York

Ridge Dialectic,
Ian Carpenter (2014)

Gouache, graphite on wood
18in × 18in × 1in — 0lb

Born in Thailand, Ian grew up overseas experiencing multiple cultures and their visual arts. When recollecting primary art influences from his early years, Carpenter vividly remembers various colourful paintings from the Caribbean, Asia, South America and Europe. In 2005, Carpenter returned to painting with a new found respect and passion. His paintings, with their playful use of colour, can be viewed as either lyrical abstractions or vague remembrances of dream world landscapes. Carpenter is inspired by the modern painters like Paul Klee and Nicholas De Stael. "What I am trying to find in my pairings is a sublime perspective, either informed from the subconscious, in distant memories of visited or imaged places, or from the way nature and the human world engage each other and appear in light, shadow, steel, skin, concrete, glass, sky, sea and earth."

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