New York

Shirt On Wire Hanger,
Charlotte Lethbridge (2014)

Oil and acrylic on canvas
42in × 30in × 1in — 0lb

Charlotte Lethbridge was born in Yonkers, New York. Charlotte has participated in a number of small group shows including the All Island and Point o’ Woods Art Shows in Fire Island, NY, a salon show at Greenpoint Gallery, and is featured in a group show, Unstructured, at Yes Gallery until September. Charlotte has been an active member of the Con Artist Collective in New York since May 2014 and has a piece in their July show Money Shot, showcasing new members. Lethbridge's work addresses domesticity and the familiar stillness of commonplace objects and scenes. She does this not only through subject matter, but with a careful, painterly application of both traditional and more economic materials ranging from oil paints to pencil and masking tape. Charlotte's scenes are inspired by everyday things from people waiting in line to looking out her window and into someone else's. "Shirt on Wire Hanger is part of my most recent group of paintings, which began with an exercise in restraint. Instead of giving into a pull towards a painterly and worked surface I wanted to explore the process in a different way. So I began to look at every mark and layer and took the mistakes as they came. Shirt On Wire Hanger is an instance of taking a familiar image (something as common as a white collared shirt or a rectangular pool) and making it feel personal with an inexact and off-kilter expression of line."

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